For a while now I have been quite apprehensive about starting up a blog and publishing posts on the things I love, sharing them with family and friends as I thought maybe you would all judge me. Well here I am still a little scared…well no that’s over stretching it. I am veeery scared ha-ha, but if not now when? Big shout out to my notebook for accepting all my random ideas especially the really weird ones that are totally cringe worthy.
The past year I started doing yoga. I have always been athletic and participated in track races in high school. Before starting Yoga i always thought that it’s all about meditation. What I did not realize is that it is so much more than just sitting cross legged and closing your eyes as you try to clear your mind of all thoughts. I am still learning so much and so far I totally love my practice and am happy I gave yoga a chance.
When I was younger, my mom (God bless her soul) was the first person to introduce to me to the amazing world of books. I started out reading Nancy drew, Hardy boys (oh boy this books made me feel somewhat invincible and so Gangster LOL) and Goosebumps (R.L.Stine always gave me a really good scare with his stories of Gooey monsters). in came adolescence and I started reading Mills and Boons(Under the Radar of course ) and harry Potter, which by the way I still think is the greatest piece of work ever written. My choice of books has definitely changed so much and along the way am going to share my preferences now. I always had Readers digest magazines too, remember those little bad boys? Oh man those magazines totally transported me from my real life into a world full of possibilities! With their wide spreads on beautiful travel destinations, pictures of exotic animals, stories by interesting daring travelers who made me crazy with envy.
Travel for me is much more than a mere pastime. It’s Survival, an opportunity to learn valuable lessons that are seldom confronted in our regular monotonous lives. I want to see the world, Gawk at Gods marvelous creations, meet new people with similar ideologies or not and learn new things, See all the UNESCO heritage sites, Visit 30 countries before am 30, Risk it all on top of a cliff for a yoga pose (ha-ha yes seriously!), take a boat on the amazon river, Dive with sharks, Go on a desert safari, Sail around the world, Hike mountains, coach surf at a random strangers house, Hitchhike, Hug a Gorilla, feed a hyena, Take the unbeaten paths and discover many untouched beautiful places etc. etc.
I know it’s a lot huh? Ha ha definitely a lot but you know what I believe am going to do it all and maybe much more. First post conquered ha-ha #smallwins. Please leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts on it. Thank you for taking the time to read this post while you could have possibly been solving global warming at this exact moment lol. Cheers


14 thoughts on “NEW BEGINNINGS :)

  1. Hey cuz, I’m really proud of you for taking the first step in your long journey of experimenting and enjoying life … I will verify eagerly waiting for your posts to hear your stories and learn more about the world through you. Xoxo


  2. Hi fellow book junkie, love your first blog post. I blog too albeit lazily ☺☺. Can’t wait for more, especially on yoga, hoping to live vicariously through you 😊😊


  3. Fico feliz que Deus ex tenha tido tantas ine;ea&ccddili&otildc;es. Foi um jogo que realmente gostei muito. Bastion também foi um grande jogo de 2011. O jogo Joust pareceu bem divertido, por um tempo.

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