A Letter to India.

Hey guys!! I have amazing exciting news that I swear have been so hard to keep to myself! Yes you guessed it *drum-rolls please*……Ha-ha am going to India and NO I AM NOT SICK!! FYI India happens to be the most popular destination for backpackers, adventure seekers, Yogis and spiritual enlightenment seekers.

Remember Eat Pray Love? Mmmh there you have it folks. I will be there for a few months and I hope to see most of India (seeing all of India at once is impossible bruh!!! their population alone is 1 billion!!). Meet a few cool calm babas and drink up all the attention am probably going to get in small villages where they haven’t met a black person ha-ha and mostly just try to tell stories of my motherland. I read somewhere if you are able to travel in India then there is nowhere else in the world that you couldn’t possibly travel to! Here is a little letter to INDIA.

Dear India,
Hey Boo! Am so excited to see you soon, I mean it’s about time we finally met, I been making cow eyes (no pun intended,I know how holy that sounded) at you for way too long and it’s not working anymore. I am so ready to Bhangra.

This old Dog is well and ready to learn new tricks!! I honestly need dancing classes, lots of Yoga, meditation(my mind tends to wander off), pepper eating skills, head nodding, how to wear a sari, how to be a content vegetarian(ooh maan not looking forward to that particular thing), crazy haggling skills, sitting calmly in crazy traffic, loud honking perseverance skills and so much more that am still processing. Trust me this is a huge deal.

My plans basically involve some vitamin sea and am looking forward to staying for a couple of weeks in north Goa. Am totally aware it’s the place to have beach parties and where hippies like us tend to hang out, maybe go down to Kerala from there and who knows what comes after that. Planning to go with the flow and enjoying every single moment every day and learning something new along the way.

Boo I have read like a couple of bad things written about you too, which have been a little scary. Like TF? I thought “kitukidogo” vice is only in my country but now I find out its quite normal there, am super scared about getting food poisoning too and hope that you will be kind to me the period am there or ours is going to be the shortest relationship in history LOL.

All in all am super excited and looking forward for this great experience. <3<3.
Yours loving,
Yogi on the Move.

P/S : Please awesome nerds leave a comment below, questions, words of advice, Autograph requests etc. ha-ha. Cheers.


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