Anjuna Beach

India to me has always been among my top most must do destinations. When everyone else is busy thinking about how cool the Maldives look, I have always been fascinated by everything India. Lol  don’t get it twisted though, I would love to visit the Maldives bruh, its just not a priority. I have been here for one week already and all my senses are in shock literally. Lets start with how insanely hot it is! Oh my God, I never had any appreciation for AC’s ,but now I have a newly found respect for this noisy little guys.
WATER!WATER! WATER! Enough said.
The food!, if you love Indian food please lift your hand? If you also love super spicy food do the same? .Well I hope you all noticed my hands were down both times. So you can now imagine what my stomach must feel like. Ha Ha, Indian food like their attire happens to be all up in your face. Its colorful, delicious and unapologetically super spicy.

Butter chicken with rice and butter garlic Naan, Chicken fried rice and roast chicken. Its basically just always chicken.
Chicken Biryani
Goan cuisine, chilly pork sausages ( which were so cheeeewy!) Goan cuisine is basically different from Indian food, as they are not averse to eating beef and pork.


Plain Rice and Beef chilly Stew, from Goa obviously


Also my stomach seems to be coming to terms with the food and has behaved the last three days.


I always thought that Kenyan matatu drivers were crazy until I met Indian drivers! Oh lord there is zero respect of traffic rules, like ZERO!. Indian bus rides are not for the faint hearted. I swear I was confused the whole 30 minutes I was in that bus. Lets start with the fact that they have loud Indian music playing, excess passengers in the bus standing (all staring at the black Jamaican girl with funny hair. Lol they think am Jamaican and a guy actually shouted to me in Mumbai `i have good marijuana madam), then the driver honks the whole time. His conductor is no better because he has an actual whistle which he blows the whole time! Like whhhy????? is the bus on fire?should we alight now?are you practicing to be a referee? Is it a rape alarm? Should I give you water? GAI FAFA!! are you okay?Damn India. Haha but well this is the type of stuff that will make me a celebrity at a nursing home when am 95 and still have it. LOL.

This was before the bus filled up obviously.




Well imagine my surprise when India turned out to be the first place am referred to as a negro.

Negro ˈniːɡrəʊ/

dated offensive noun 1. a member of a dark-skinned group of peoples originally native to Africa south of the Sahara. adjective 1. relating to black.

I know a couple of my friends who would have gone mental and abused the shit out of the people that called me that. Its really obvious that am an outsider and most of the people are not mean or something but they cant help it but stare. Every restaurant I walk into you will notice how people do a double take when they see me, and will come up to me ‘Madam can I get a picture with you?’.

Famous 🙂
Me and my people
This is a professional photographer that people paid to take pictures of me. LOL
errm..wait . WHAT IS THAT ON HER HEAD???

But I don’t really care, now I just like to think this black girl magic is everything.


I am also a little under the weather since yesterday, and I think am getting a flu which sort of sucks a lot . I now have a lot of respect of the digital nomads out there like @drewbinsky. Check him out and don’t feel bad if you are a little jealous. You and me both dude LOL .Also I have not really kept in touch with friends and family much because I was trying to get an Indian number which is surprisingly hard. I had to have like a contact person who lives in the state that am in,bring my passport, a copy of my visa page and a passport picture for them to give me a number. This apparently is make sure that you are not a terrorist and well mostly they wont like you if you are Pakistani.

I will be posting soon on my day at the Elephanta island, how to get there and what not. Hopefully I will do it before the end of this week. Lots of love from Anjuna < 3.


21 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. 😂😂😂😂WOLAN… dude!! Someone actually told you they got weed? 😂😂
    Also. Whats with the whistle blowing? Smh.
    Well in on the post Wanjiku. I have had a good laugh.


  2. Wolan Dude😂😂

    Yaani someone actually said they have weed for you? Wah!!

    Then whats up with the whistling in public vehicles surely.😂😂😂

    Well in on the post. I have had a laugh!


  3. Hahahaha.. ! boo!!! I just had a good laugh reading through this!
    I can only picture the bus ride.. the whistling, the loud music, the stares etc.. haha.. but it’s all part of the adventure.
    Enjoy every moment of it. And remember to share the good marijuana when you come back.


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