Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad.




Ahmedabad is the capital city of Gujarat state and has been listed as one of the cities to watch out for in the future in terms of economic growth. From Baroda its about 114 km and i took a Volvo bus which was really comfortable, way better than the government issued ones.

So the first night I stayed at Anmol Raturaj club in Raska village where I had found an amazing hotel deal on which I would recommend to anyone thinking of travelling to India.

Sabarmati river which runs through the center of Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad is the home to Mahatma Gandhi`s Ashram, and many tourists both local and foreign come from all over the world to see the Ashram. The ashram is by the sabarmarti river  and here you will find Gandhi`s actual house and his teachings and beliefs are displayed everywhere. This for me was an experience that I don`t think I will ever forget. I have always been interested in the man Gandhi, now imagine being in his Ashram. As I walked around the ashram reading various writings and looking at the pictures a sense of purpose came over me.

I mean look at this great man who changed the lives of so many people and gave courage to lots of people without using any force and he had a  very strong faith.  Gandhi even made his own clothes the traditional Khadi!!. I also got a glimpse of kasturba Gandhi, her life, beliefs, struggles and love for Mahatma Gandhi.I could go on forever about my enlightenment that day LOL, but I will not bore you with it. All in all am really happy I went there that day.



A young Gandhi and his wife Kasturba.


Inside Gandhi`s house where he met guests. 



The salt march led by Gandhi.




So after a serious mind blowing session at the ashram I needed something to relax me and what better than Kankaria Lake . Kankaria lake was built in the 15th century and was initially used by kings for bathing. It represents the regale history of Ahmedabad and was renovated, utilities enhanced and upon completion in 2008 it was officially opened.It now boasts of various attractions including ; a zoo, toy train,amusement park, butterfly garden, air balloon rides, food stalls, restaurants,segway rides, boat rides, haunted house, entertainment facilities etc.




The lakefront built around it is very beautiful and at night it comes alive with many different colored lights all over.. With so many activities to pick from, I decided to try the water bubble thing. It was so much fun!!haha I think I like being in a big balloon walking on water. After that since my adrenaline was already so high I did the haunted scary house. I felt so stupid getting scared considering I knew all that was just controlled. I blame horror movies for all that ha ha. At this point I could feel the amusement park calling to me and I had to try all the activities they there. Screaming through gleefully, letting out my inner child for the world to see.


I rode a Segway too. Ha ha let me just point out that I am not so good with balance on moving things, well I have tried roller skating and fell flat on my ass, I can almost skate board a bit meaning yes I am bound to fall. I have never been on a hover board ,and after watching Crazy Arabs on hover boards on you tube it sort of looks scary 😦


The experience was not that bad he he there was a guy cruising just next to me and helped a bit when I looked uncertain, it all but took 2 mins and I wished it took a little bit longer. Kankaria lake closes up at 10 pm and I just hang around walking for a bit enjoying the view.

The next day I tried to go to Sidi Sayyed mosque which was constructed in 1572 and completed in 1573. The mosque itself stands imposingly in the middle of the road and there is insane traffic all around it. I would have loved to get inside and have a look, but well being a woman that is not allowed and I had to settle to taking pictures from outside.

Sidi Sayyed mosque (sadly i could not get good shots).

A visit to himalaya mall got me a fish spa session that I enjoyed so much that I did it twice, indulged myself in some frankies momos delicacies, watched miss peregines home for peculiar children at the cinema and I also bought my first Khurta 🙂

Fish Spa, the tickling sensation the first time you do it is insane.


Unfortunately I fell sick and spent two days in bed, and as much as I was feeling shitty I knew it was time to move on and took a sleeper bust to Jaipur. I knew it was really risky taking a bus for 12 hours when I was feeling so bad but I just wanted to get out of there. The sleeper bus itself was Okay and it made several stops along the way, which was good. I cannot claim to have enjoyed the trip as I could not even tell what was happening as I had a high fever and was so uncomfortable.

Not a good ending to a town that brought me close to the Legend of Gandhi , all in all am happy I had the privillege to visit ahmedabad. Thanks Gandhi for continuing to touch hearts, you live on forever.


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