Golden Triangle Series :Part 1 ,Agra.

For those visiting India for a short period and would love to see some great sights while at it the Golden triangle is something you need to know about. The Golden triangle is a tourist circuit that involves Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. This three locations on a map form a triangle and are only 4-6 hrs ish away from each other and can easily be accessed via train, tourist buses or taxi. My advice to you would be getting a taxi to get your way around this cities even though it might be pricey. They are convenient, provide privacy and  the journey  is more comfortable. If you would like me to help you plan a short trip through the Golden Triangle feel free to drop me an email :).

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Agra is mostly known for its main tourist attraction which also happens to be among the wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal. The story about the Taj mahal is of a man who built a masoleum in memory of his favourite wife a persian princess who died during childbirth. The Taj mahal construction took 12 years and it has a lot of intricate marble work and its estimated cost today would be …USD 827Million!!!yikes.

I had heard from a Rickshaw driver that the Taj Mahal is very beautiful at sunrise and I should not miss that. He suggested I should wake up at 5am and be there by opening time which is 6am. The thing is I think every other tourist had gotten the same advice because by the time I got there at 6am there was hundreds of people in the queue already. I had to patiently stand in line and hope that atleast I would get a glimpse of the amazing sunrise.


When I finally saw the Taj Mahal it took my breath away. Literally. It was everything I had expected and so much more. The beautiful lawns, reflection of the taj on the pool, the princess diana bench..oh my I was in Taj heaven. LOL. The exterior decorations on the Taj are exquisite and among the finest in Mughal Architecture. The tombs are the central focus of the entire Taj mahal , however the actual tombs are at a lower level.Its beautiful thats all I can say.

Early Bird..or not.





Princess Diana`s bench!, so me and a million other people have sat on it!:-)
LOL..i know, i know..not a word on this 🙂






Shoe style, Sunny mornings and History at its best.





P/S : do not throw away your receipt as you will need it for the next site.

After that I visited Agra fort which is 1.4kms away from the Taj and is another tourist sport which is also listed among the UNESCO world heritage sites. Agra fort is the only fort in india where the early Mughal emperors lived. It is built on an irregular semi-circular plan with its chord lying along the course of the Yamuna river.

Agra Fort.







After that I went to see the baby Taj Mahal which is actually a tomb but has been called baby Taj Mahal because of its resemblance to the Taj. When I got there it was past 6 already and so it was closed. This is a must see when you are here, so  please make sure unlike me you properly plan your day.

Agra is a very polluted town and basically apart from those three sites there is practically nothing else to see and I chose to leave the very next day.

However i recommend you to visit one of the shops selling Marble souvenirs and actually watch them do it.  It is wonderful and will make you appreciate the Taj more.Buy yourself a small Taj Mahal, some cool fridge Magnets and maybe some jewellery e.t.c. Off to the next destination and hope for near perfect days like this that let you see two UNESCO World Heritage sites :-).

Thanks for reading, let me know if you liked the post. Cheers.






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