2017 , i got this.

Happy new year Fam!!!. I hope the holidays treated you well and i hope its not too late to wish you happy new year!. I Spent the entire holiday season upcountry in the village. Is it just me or does life in the village always seem so slow? ha ha! Everything is so quiet and serene. I had such a wonderful quiet time relaxing, over indulged a little with food which is now showing. Time to get back in shape :).

Last year was somewhat surreal for me.If someone would have told me at the beginning of last year that I would spend three months in Asia my response  would have been get out of here!!. In January I moved out of my place, out of Nairobi and to Eldoret where I had no family or friends for work. At first I was super depressed and for a while those close to me thought I would go crazy he he.

Well fast forward to April, when i took a matatu from Eldoret to Busia the border of Kenya and Uganda. Then from the other side I took another matatu to Jinja which in total cost about 800 ksh only!!. Jinja saw me face my fear of heights and I bungee jumped there for the first time over the Nile river which was super amazing because now am hooked. From Jinja I headed to the beautiful capital Kampala.



The trip to Uganda was my first time ever outside the country . The trip lasted almost two weeks and during that time I did a lot of exploring and reflecting while learning so many things. For starters I had no clue about the Baha’i religion and even that Uganda has the only temple in Africa!. Which is infact very beautiful and the ideologies that this religion practices are even more incredible. It was during this trip that i decided i wanted to go to more new places and i will.

Baha`i Temple.




After months of planning, running up and down, a lot of reading and emailing travel bloggers , joining bloggers platforms etc I finally started my blog. A platform for me to share my passion for travelling, yoga, books and tit bits that excite me. In that short time I have gained massive respect for bloggers that make it look so easy, because from my own experience I now know that its a lot of work!. I am still getting the hang of everything especially the technical bits.

So it was quite good that I started my blog right before my three months backpacking trip to India. This trip was everything I expected it to be and much more!! I fell deeply in love with India and its no surprise that I still have unpublished posts that I hope to have finished by February crosses fingers. The India trip was a major highlight of 2016 for me.


As you know by now am a yogi, and the last year my yoga practice has grown so much. I even got to do a yoga teaching course and am officially now teaching yoga. This fills my heart with so much joy and love as yoga means so much to me. With yoga I learnt to trust the light in me and its is a joy to share this with others. Feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in a private yoga class :).



This year I will be sharing more and more of my yoga journey here and I hope to inspire you to give yoga a trial :).


A new year cannot be complete without a set of resolutions which most of us tend to see fall through by the first half of the year ha ha. I have been a victim of that and hope to change that and this year we can keep them. One of my resolution  this year is to be more consistent and post new content at least every week. I am also scouting more blogs that I can read for inspiration and would love some recommendation from you guys :).

In terms of my personal life I hope to cultivate great relationships with my loved ones and show them everyday how much am grateful to have them in my life. 2017 is also the year to knock on doors looking for new opportunities, personal and professional growth, building a better relationship with God and above all persistence.

As for new destinations, new memories , new experiences, I somewhat already have that covered. 2017 will see me tick off some African countries from my bucket list, maybe some Asian and even maybe Europe wink. Ha Ha I don`t want to give it away right now, Lets just say a little surprise never hurt nobody :). When it comes to travelling I have learnt that you just have to do it!. Plan around what you have and actually want to do it, and  then do it!.


I hope i have inspired someone reading this to pack their bags, take a bus to one of the EAC countries. Who knows where you might head off next mmh?

with love,

yogie on the move.

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