sThe last 10 days have been very interesting for me as i finally did an Instagram yoga challenge :). Yoga Online challenges are like a real thing nowadays and Instagram seems to be the biggest platform for them.

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The yoga Instagram community is quite large and is made up of the most wonderful people ever who have a great passion for yoga. They have created a couple of hashtags that make it easy to connect with each other, the most prolific being #yogisofinstagram . This has created a platform for yoga practitioners to come up with yoga challenges. These challenges are mostly created by hosts who can be up to 5  or more people.There are also sponsors for each challenge who ensure that by the end of the challenge there are winners and that they each receive gifts. Something totally awesome is that no matter where you are, if you win a challenge they ship your prize to you!i mean how cool is that!!.


The challenges usually have pretty cool hashtags including ; #crazysexyyogis #fearlessinheels #lovebugyogis #wallcallseries etc.The catch is usually in the hashtag, from which you can be able to tell what the challenge will be all about. Each day of the challenge one of the hosts will be in charge of uploading a picture with an illustration of the particular day. This is usually followed up by all the other hosts uploading their pictures urging yogis from all over the world to give it a try not forgetting to use the hashtag and ensure they tag all the hosts and the sponsors for a chance to win a prize. A challenge can take up to a maximum of 30 days or less.


I figure by now you have a rough idea how a yoga challenge works and how awesome the Instagram community is :). I have been doing yoga for two years now come September of this year and I decided its about time I finally participated in a yoga challenge. My friend Linah for the longest time ever had been trying to get me to do it but I just never did. I was scared. YUP.


I did not trust myself that I could do the poses “perfectly”. Ironical right? Considering this are the same asanas that I have been practicing repeatedly for over a year. Let me explain why. Instagram has created a platform for me as a yoga student to learn form great Yoga teachers who I probably will never meet and if I did right now I probably cannot t afford their classes anyway LOL. Am talking about someone like Kino MacGregor (kinoyoga), dude this woman is remarkable!!. Like her yoga is the next level type of stuff.


I am guilty of comparison, yes I tried comparing myself to all this other yogis of Instagram and i did not believe in myself. Some of this Yogis have been practicing for almost 20 years and here I was barely a year in scared of sharing my yoga journey because I was busy comparing myself to others instead. Am forever grateful to my yoga teachers in Rishikesh for teaching me that my practice is my own and nobody or nothing should make me think otherwise. I was reminded why I fell in love with Yoga the first time and all those great moments I have had on my Mat. I finally decided its time got out of my comfort zone, joined in the challenges and interact with other yogis.



I learnt so much from this challenge, I tried new asanas, pushed myself everyday and it was amazing!. I loved it so much and am very happy that I gave it a go. I am looking forward to the next challenge already!. #50shadesofyoga.

P/S : I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentines :). We had a really wonderful one, so much <3.

Min ❤

with love,


Yogie on the move.

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