Cape Town : Trails & Beaches.

Cape town is fondly referred to as the Mother city of South Africa, the second biggest city after Johannesburg and the Legislative capital of South Africa. Cape Town is every travelers dream destination.It is one of the most multicultural city that you will probably ever visit, as it plays a huge role as a major destination for expatriates, immigrants, tourists etc. This is evident in … Continue reading Cape Town : Trails & Beaches.

19 hours in Ethiopia

Two weeks ago we set out on our #amazingafrica trip and we just left Cape Town, South Africa where we enjoyed lazy sunny afternoons by the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean and we are now in Namibia  exploring the Namib Desert. As you all know, we mentioned in the previous post that we had a  layover in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia. The flight from Nairobi to Addis … Continue reading 19 hours in Ethiopia