Namibia ; Walvis Bay.

Walvis bay is located at Namibia`s west coast along the Atlantic ocean. It is the only commercial port in the country. It is a pleasant town featuring a beautiful wide lagoon with lots of seabirds, pelicans and flamingos, a beautiful waterfront that also happens to be the gateway to dolphin and whale tours. Namibia in general is one of the least populated countries in the world and it is quite evident when you get to Walvis bay. The town has a mere population of about 100,000 inhabitants only.





We drove to Walvis bay from the Namib Naukulft park which is a 4 hr drive. We had planned to refill gas at the park since there is a gas station but we totally zoned out on that which almost screwed us so bad. The road from Sessriem to Walvis bay is a rough bumpy dirt road and do not be surprised if you drive for an hour before seeing another car or basically any people. Our plan involved finding the nearest town Solitaire so that we could get more gas and probably some real food. The map mislead us to assuming that Solitaire was a big town and we barely paid any attention to the small block of buildings we passed until 47 km later when we started questioning if we had maybe passed it. So there we were, hungry, tired almost out of gas and lost in the middle of nowhere. We drove to the next resort which was 10 km away only to be told that” ooh you passed solitaire already its almost 60 km back and the next town is 200 km away!”Holy fudge!!. Yap!! we had to drive aaaaall the way back and they did not even have real food 😦 .Lesson learnt. Please ensure that you get everything you need at the Namib Naukulft park before embarking on a drive to Walvis bay. Fortunately the rest of the journey went smoothly and we got to enjoy the beautiful Namibian terrain and at the same time see some wildlife.









Early the next morning we drove out to the waterfront and basically look around Walvis bay. The waterfront is bustling with activities, art galleries, restaurants, luxury catamarans, a dolphin “museum” etc. While we were there we met some Ova Himba people!!. Ova Himba people are basically the only remaining indigenous nomadic community in Namibia and they are mainly found in the northern parts of Kunene region formerly known as Kaokoland. We had planned a trip to the north but unfortunately could not make it to go all the way up. So you can imagine how happy we were when we saw them at the waterfront!! I was literally busting with excitement and could barely contain myself when we took pictures with them. We had to pay to take pictures though ha ha..




Our next stop was lang strand beach meaning long beach which is on your way to swakopmund. As the name suggests it really is a long beach that goes on and on for miles. On one side you have the beautiful beach and on the other side you have beautiful sand dunes. Desert and ocean co-existing perfectly, its surreal.We stopped for a swim and as usual I got to my Yoga shenanigans . At this point I like to think about all you awesome yogis every time i do it . Mmmh taking one for the team huh? 😀 .






As usual thanks guys for reading this and let me know your thoughts on the comment section below ;).



Yogie On The Move.

8 thoughts on “Namibia ; Walvis Bay.

  1. We drove to the next resort which was 10 km away only to be told that” ooh you passed solitaire already its almost 60 km back and the next town is 200 km away!”Holy fudge!!…. I love your travel tales.

    Once again, beautiful photos, great post. A group of friends visited Namibia last year and they were amazed by its beauty. They insist I should visit. I see why.

    Ps: Love your yoga asanas signature 🙂

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