Namibia : Swakopmund.

Swakopmund is a major tourist city found on the coast of western Namibia ,situated right on the Namib desert . Swakopmund is famous for its German colonial Architecture dating as far back as 1892. Swakopmund was the main harbor for the Germans during the colonial period and to this date part of the population is still German speaking.


Swakopmund being a major tourist center has very many activities to offer. The city is surrounded by sand dunes and you can go sand boarding, explore the desert on quad bikes, sky diving over the desert,camel rides , do a desert living tour where you get to see fascinating little creatures of the Namib desert, shark fishing(yes its actually a thing) or opt for a luxury cruise on the open sea. Are you sold yet? Mmh I bet you are :).





Swakopmund is only 30 km from Walvis Bay and after stopping by long beach we drove to Swakopmund. Once you get to the city , it seems like you have been transported into another era more specifically the German colonial era. The architecture in this town is beautiful.We got there around lunch time and our first stop was the famous jetty 1905 restaurant found on the jetty bridge. The restaurant was closed on that day and we ended up taking a walk by the jetty bridge which was built in the early 1900`s that is still operational to this day and is said to give “Swakopmund a romantic aura”. It is really beautiful and serene and you get to see most of Swakopmund from up there and look out into the ocean. A few minutes from the jetty bridge you can find the national marine aquarium of Namibia which is worth checking out. While there we found a sign board advertising for a camping site which was just what we need and we headed there to check it out.








As mentioned earlier, our Namibian accommodation plans involved a lot of camping and I have to say that Swakopmund had the best camping site!!. First we had WiFi! And not horrible WiFi, I mean super fast and strong WiFi!! yaaay travel gods!*fistbump*. The camping grounds were also very nice and we even ended up paying half the price advertised on their sign since it was low season. Like super low season he he, the site is also 5 minutes away from the beach where they have a restaurant which seemed very popular with the locals and tourists. The food was so good and they have very huge portions. We then decided to drive around the city to look around and get a feel of Swakopmund before leaving the next morning. We discovered our very own private beach where we got to enjoy the beautiful Namibian sunset, took what felt like a million pictures before heading back to our campsite. After setting up the tent we went to the bar for a few drinks and a late night swim 🙂


Camping site.






Early the next morning we set out for Windhoek the capital which is about 300 km away as we had to be in Windhoek at least before 2 pm to return our hired car. The drive back was uneventful and we made it just in time to return the car and the camping gear. After spending the last few days camping we felt that we needed a good nights sleep in a nice bed before embarking to the next country Zambia. We checked in at pension hotel kamho found in the Hochland park area. That night we booked our bus tickets to Livingstone, Zambia and we decided to use Intercape bus company again.


Namibia was awesome for us and we had so much fun there. Namibia is not on many peoples travel bucket list and I hope that I have sold it to you. Namibia has so much to offer and I think that it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Did you know that Namibia is home to the largest canyon in Africa? . It is known as the Fish river canyon and due to extreme weather conditions hiking permits are only issued between 1st may and September 15. It is one of the most beautiful trails you will ever take in Africa. Someday I want to go back and do that. Namibia introduced me to the desert and delicious billtong, am now hooked!. Thanks Namibia for everything , we had a pretty awesome time.



Would you be interested  in visiting Namibia? I would like to know and would be happy to help you plan your trip there. Let me know your thoughts :). Thanks for reading this , lots of love <3.




9 thoughts on “Namibia : Swakopmund.

  1. You had a super fast wifi in the camping site? It’s like a dream. I normal don’t have fast wifi when I travel, so this must a great experience. On a different note, I love your post. Makes me want to pack my bags and ask my fiancé if we can go for a trip to Namibia. It looks like a super lovely place.

    Michelle …xx

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    1. Haha the wifi at the camping site was a first and my reaction was the same as you!. I also rarely get internet when traveling and that’s why I always end up posting stuff once am back. Namibia is awesome and if you guys decide to visit i would be more than happy to help you guys plan 😃. Thanks Michelle 😊 😍

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