10 Tips to a Succesful Yoga Shoot.

A few weeks ago I did something that I had always wanted to do for the longest time ever but never seemed to have the guts to go ahead with it : Yoga photo shoot. Yep! I finally did it!. Like I was in front of the camera posing and stuff, So here goes my announcement “ I am officially signing autographs and receiving fan mail “ LOL. Jokes aside, I am really happy that the shoot was successful and above all I got to enjoy myself doing it.




As a Yoga instructor or a personal trainer it is important to do a professional fitness photo shoot as this makes you look a lot more professional and sets you apart from the thousands of other instructors and trainers. I am at a point where my yoga students have been gradually increasing and I felt that it was about time I invested in a good professional photo shoot. It is very important to market yourself or get the word out there and what better way than a photo shoot that gives you endless amounts of content that could potentially increase your client base.



On a more personal level, photo shoots can help you track your fitness progress. With regular practice you tend to get better and if you can capture shots of yourself in between months the progress will be hard to ignore. You become your own motivation and inspiration as you can see your progress growth. Photo shoots can also be an outlet to your artistic side and you can act as your own creative director and come up with unique ideas that you can try out. Finally everyone loves a good confidence boost and you would be surprised with how much a Photo shoot can do that to you.




I learnt a few things from my photo shoot and I would like to share 10 tips that I think are absolutely necessary for a successful photo shoot

10 Tips on a successful photo shoot.

  1. Decide if you want an outdoor or studio setting.This step is very important as you get to pick what background you want in your pictures which will most definitely also set the mood for the pictures. This was my first yoga photo shoot and I decided I wanted a studio shoot with a white background . I also wanted to use the pictures for my portfolio and felt that white would be perfect.
  2. Find and download example pictures.This is an easy and fun research step that involves you going online and checking out popular fitness brands and getting some serious inspiration for your shoot. Do not just look for poses but also try to notice things like: lighting,atmosphere, the fashion and other design elements in the example pictures. Then pick the best two pictures and save them in a folder which you can then email to the photographer prior to the shoot. I found this step very important as it gives the photographer a clear idea of what exactly you want and they can even be able to assist you with your alignment as they become familiar with the poses. Tumblr and Pinterest are perfect if you are looking for some Yoga inspiration, trust me :).
  3. Find a photographer.This has to be the most important of them all. Do your research well and look around before settling on a photographer. I was lucky enough to find a good fitness photographer through recommendation from a friend. It is important to have a rapport with the photographer as this ensures that you will be comfortable and relaxed as you do your photo shoot. I got in touch with the photographer a week prior to the shoot and from the word go we hit it off. I clearly told him this was a first for me and that I was slightly nervous. He was very funny and reassured me it was totally okay and most importantly we would have fun. Thanks a lot Sam!!Am already looking forward to an outdoor shoot with you :-).
  4. Pick the Asanas/Poses you want to do.My advice is that you should pick those poses that you are already comfortable with as they come easy to you. This goes along way in getting perfect pictures with incredible alignment. Do not feel pressured to do advanced poses that you are not good at and end up having pictures that are a little bit off and you hate them. Its key to be comfortable and picking the right asanas goes along way.
  5. Pick multiple sets of outfits for your shoot.When you are doing a photo shoot outfits are more like your Armour and you want to be well prepared for battle, in this case the camera. Pick fitting comfortable workout clothes as baggy clothes do nothing for your body. Dark colors tend to make your body appear slimmer while lighter colors like white may make you look slightly fuller than you are. Pick what suits you and work it!
  6. Be flexible at the shoot.This means that you have to be in good physical shape. It will not work at all if you have not been doing your practice for a while and then suddenly you decide you want to do a shoot. Your body needs to be in well prepared at least, otherwise it will show. I have been doing my practice regularly and a few weeks prior to the shoot I did a lot of shoulder opening poses in preparation to the shoot as I knew I would be doing lots of forearm stands that require open shoulders.
  7. Personal Grooming.Do not forget to pay some special attention to your hair,nails, body hair,skin, make-up etc. Prepare well and make sure that your grooming is in top condition prior to the shoot. Consult with the photographer on what sort of make-up you should do to ensure that you get it right with your shoot theme.
  8. Schedule your shoot for morning hours.When I called the photographer to schedule my shoot I asked him to advice me on what was the best time to do the shoot and he recommended morning hours. The main reason being that we tend to be more sharp and less bloated in the morning. This also means that you cannot afford to have a late night prior to the shoot and you should get plenty of rest. Remember to show up early and on time.
  9. Water.Finally when you are doing the shoot remember to stay hydrated at all times as you will be expected to hold the poses for a much longer time than you are probably used to. You can snack very lightly before the shoot to get you going. Or you can choose to wait it out till your shoot is over.
  10. Loosen up and be confident.This is the last and most important step of them all. The only way you will love your pictures is if you can see yourself having fun. If you are uptight and nervous it shows in the pictures and you do not want that. Bring along your favorite music to help you relax. Laugh. Live in the moment and do whatever feels natural. Don` t take yourself too seriously.

Finally your photo shoot is over, you will be given a chance to pick the best shots and arrange with the photographer when you will be getting your pictures. Celebrate your successful shoot with a glass of wine or that fat juicy burger that you had been avoiding LoL. I hope that this tips were helpful and I wish you luck with whatever shoot you might be planning :-). I will also put down the photographers contact information in case you would like a shoot with him. Thanks for reading this post, would be happy to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you might have <3.






Yogie On The Move.

Sam Mutembei



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