6 Hrs in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

A few weeks ago I saw something on an Instagram travel page that caught my eye, “two for ones”. Well let me let you in on what that means in the world of travel. Basically this is when you plan a trip to one destination but then manage to squeeze in a new destination for next to nothing in terms of expenses!. Whew!!. So there I was planning a trip to Frankfurt and then I see that post and that was all the push I needed. I managed to book a flight to Frankfurt via Amsterdam , where I would get around 6 hrs to explore before my next flight!.


IMG_9284 - Copy (2)




IMG_9287 - Copy


Amsterdam,Netherlands is famous for very many things (YES all that you have heard is true ) LOL, literally almost anything goes in Amsterdam. Its exciting and probably one of those places with tonnes of tourists. But yet this is what I wanted and was so happy to see it albeit the short time. Hopefully someday soon I can go back there and get more time to explore :).


IMG_9295 - Copy



Since I was flying in from a schengen area to another one I did not have to go through the immigration queue and stuff thanks God!. Anyway on getting there you will realize how big Schipol airport is and its okay to ask for help. I then bought train tickets from one of the many booths near the exit. The train station is underground and I bought a return ticket to Amsterdam central for about 9 Euros. I knew what I wanted to see, the Amsterdam canals, de dam(the square), madame Tussaud, the red light district and eat some macaroons!. I am happy to report that I got to do all of that and even ask kind strangers to take pictures of me. However I nearly missed my flight to Frankfurt which would have messed up all my plans :-(. First time solo travelling!!So here a couple of my favorite pictures from my short 6 hr Amsterdam trip.










Yogie On The Move.

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