Island Vibes ; Likoma Island, Malawi.

Likoma island is an island found on Lake Malawi and it lies just a few kilometers from Mozambique. Although its entirely surrounded by Mozambican territorial waters its definitely part of Malawi. Likoma island is one of two inhabited islands on Lake Malawi and has a population of about 9000 people, the other island is Chizumulu which is smaller and can be easily accessed from Likoma. The main mode of transportation to Likoma is via the Mv Ilala ,the Mv Chambo or you could take a flight on a small aircraft from Lilongwe which is a little expensive around 490 USD for a return trip.






As mentioned earlier on the post “A ferry ride across Lake Malawi on the Mv Ilala” our plan was to initially go to Nkhata bay but we took a detour and ended up in Likoma. When it comes to accommodation options in Likoma there is just about 3 places in general where you can stay at ; Kaya Mawa, Mango Drift and Ulisa Bay Lodge. Kaya Mawa is a beautiful exclusive luxury resort that boasts of having famous celebrity’s holiday there and the prices per night start at 500 USD . Mango drift on the other hand is an affordable backpackers lodge which is run by the same management as kaya Mawa.  You will notice when you get there a sign at the bar warning you off from walking to Kaya  Mawa which is just around the corner Lol. The prices at Mango drift depend on what you choose, dorm beds go for 8USD , camping 5USD and the cottage 40 USD per night which was expensive compared to Cape Maclear.  Most of the things at  Likoma tend to be expensive because of it being an island and the difference in prices will be very evident especially if you are coming from Cape Maclear as in our case. Ulisa Bay Lodge is found on the other side of the island and they claim to have the most delicious cheese cake in all of Malawi,  definitely worth checking out when you are in Likoma.

Mango Drift


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When we got to the Island we found a pick up taxi sent by the lodge for us as we had notified them a bunch of us would be coming. In terms of infrastructure, Likoma does not have paved roads and Electricity on the island is supplied by a generator that is switched off every night at 10 pm and sometimes in the afternoons for an hour or two. As you get a first glimpse of the natural surroundings of Likoma, you will notice the huge Baobab trees and the grassland in the interior and as you go to the coast you will see sandy bays and rocky slopes.Things to do while at Likoma could vary from water sports like kayaking, diving ( Likoma has really good diving spots and you could even get your PADI certification at Mango drift!), Snorkeling, wake-boarding etc. You can also take a walk to the village market and look around the village and while there you should definitely visit St Peters Cathedral which was built in 1903 and is worth seeing.




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We stayed at Likoma island for three days and spent most of them by the beach ; swimming, curled up on a hammock reading a book, kayaking out into the lake, snuggling with an adorable dog whose name happened to be Mango,playing card games with friends and basically having a good time.At the lodge they had a “canoe challenge” which involved you rowing out in the lake to a specific spot and back  and if you managed to do that you got yourself 1  free night accommodation! . Can i just mention that the canoe was very very old, leaking and coupled with the fact that none of us had been on a canoe before making the task practically impossible!.  The bar at Mango drift was well stocked and we indulged in some Malawi Vodka and Mozambique beer. Dinner time was my favorite as the staff would set the dinner table on the beach, light some candles and we would all sit out there with the a sky full of stars and the beautiful Lake Malawi behind us. We even had Movie night on the beach and they set up a projector and some cosy pillows on the beach for us. We ended up watching 50 first dates which for me and i guess lots of people will always be a classic.






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As usual this Yogie on the Move got her Yoga on at the beach and even taught a couple of yoga classes on the beach  at sunset which was amazing. I had wonderful yoga students and friendships were easily made over failed headstands on the beach <3. So much love <3<3. Would i recommend Likoma island to you? Hell yeah, Likoma was amazing and you should definitely visit it.









P:S Today marks 1 year since i started blogging!!! I am very happy to share this journey with you all and things are about to get even better. I have so much planned for this new year and would love to Thank you for your support.


Yogie On The Move.

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