A week in Frankfurt, Germany.

Frankfurt is the fifth largest city in Germany and is officially referred to as Frankfurt am Main due to its location on the banks of the Main River. Frankfurt is the largest financial center on the European continent, the most international city in Germany and its said that almost one in three people living in Frankfurt does not have a German passport. Its culturally and ethnically diverse with around half of the population having a migration background. Frankfurt is also home to influential education institutions including the Goethe institute and is home to a significant number of skyscrapers boasting of an incredible skyline. In short, Frankfurt is an alpha world city and there is a lot to discover once you get there.







A close friend of mine recently moved to Frankfurt and she invited me to visit her so we could explore her new home together. I was very excited and could not pass up on the offer as I had not seen her in a while. As mentioned in my previous post `6 hrs in Amsterdam` , i had a layover in Amsterdam and I even managed to explore a little. For most people when you get to Frankfurt your first stop after the airport will be Hauptbanhof which is Germany’s busiest train station. Getting around Frankfurt is easy and you can use the tram or U-Bhan. You can buy a day ticket at the various stops and its cheaper if you are travelling as a group ,as a day ticket for 5 people costs 11 Euros compared to 7 Euros for a single person day ticket. Frankfurt does not have Uber but you can take a taxi around the city or well the bike life. One thing I absolutely love about most European countries is that you can easily use your Bike which is very convenient and also a good way to keep fit!




Day 1

My first day in Frankfurt we decided to do a day trip to Heidelberg town which is about 95 km away from Frankfurt and I will be writing a post soon on that. Although the weather was a little gloomy, Heidelberg is a very beautiful town and we had a lovely time there. Frankfurt is well connected by trains and I would highly recommend taking a day trip to one of the many interesting towns found outside Frankfurt. When we got back to Frankfurt in the evening, we headed out to party at Bornheim which is a city district in Frankfurt. While in Frankfurt you must try the apple wine which is very popular in the region. You will need to drink at least two glasses to get used to the taste. Most Germans will offer it to you just to find out what you think about it LOL..i highly recommend diluting it with some water. Trust me , its better like that.





Party at Bornheim ;D

Day 2

Woke up with a serious hangover thanks to the previous nights shenanigans. What you heard about Germans and beer is true and you should definitely try not to drink as much as they are. Anyway on this day we decided to take the tram into the city center and walk around. Our first stop was by the city hall Romer which is also one of the city’s most famous landmark. Here you will get to see the amazing incredible German architecture first hand. Its beautiful and the view is something straight out of a postcard!. Walk around the square here and you will even spot gift shops where you can buy souvenirs. From there we took a walk down to the Frankfurt love bridge where people have put love padlocks all over.





Frankfurt’s impressive skyline is also visible from the bridge and we discovered that if you walked farther into the other bridges close by the view was even better.



Afterwards we found a south American shop that had the best exotic juice ever! .Oh boy, it was delicious especially the `Guanabana ` or Soursop juice. Later that evening we went to Bahnhofsviertel which was a festival on the streets near the central train station. Around 5 blocks had been closed down for this festival which happens every year and we had so much fun. There was lots of people on the streets, lots of places to buy cheap alcohol,food and lots of security including two police choppers flying above.

Juice= Happiness.




Day 3

On this day we decide to do a 3 hr free guided walking tour of Frankfurt. We discovered this tours on Facebook and decide to give it a try and it turned out to be the best thing ever!. This tours are done by a group of University students who study and live in Frankfurt. Our guide was very knowledgeable, eloquent, funny and after the three hours we literally felt like we knew everything that there is to know about Frankfurt. The tour starts by the train station and you literally end up walking through all the major landmarks in Frankfurt. The tour takes you through the red light district(prostitution is legal there and they have about 1000 working girls), Legal drug injection centers where you will see lots drug addicts using with social workers close by, Frankfurt financial district, the EU sign, part of the famous Berlin wall, the St Paul cathedral which played a very important part in German history e.t.c.  The tour was amazing, very informative and the best part is that it happens everyday. Check them out on Facebook and at the end of the tour be nice and tip the guides something, whatever you want to.



Red Light District.
Financial District
Part of Berlin wall.

Day 4

We decided to go to the Frankfurt photography museum, where they had a punk rock fun photography exhibition. This exhibition was dope!!!. I will be doing a post on it soon and share the awesome pics I took.  Frankfurt also has some serious street art and we found some really cool art as we walked around.We also went to My Zeil shopping center to get the Frankfurt shopping experience and we were not disappointed. While there we also got to try some traditional German sausages and I had Curry wurst which was soooo good.





St. Pauls Cathedral.

Day 5

We bought train tickets and took a day trip to Hochst which is famous for its castle that was home to the archbishop of Mainz. While there we had Frankfurt Schnitzel with green sauce for the very first time and its delicious!!.This is a must have dish while in Frankfurt especially since the green sauce can only be found in Frankfurt. After the delicious meal we explored the Castle at Hochst and stopped to smell the Roses. That evening we stayed indoors with friends , watched a movie while enjoying some German wine.




Frankfurt Schnitzel with Green sauce.




Day 6

We bought tickets to an Afro-Caribbean cultural festival that was happening at Rebstock park. They had various stands selling food from different African countries and I was so happy when I spotted a Kenyan stand!. The music was also really good and they had amazing Deejays that kept the crowd entertained the whole day.


Day 7

There was no way I was leaving Frankfurt without going to Sachsenhausen which with its apple wine pubs, narrow alleys, old historic half timbered houses , cobblestone streets that gives you a feeling of being transported back in time. Sachsenhausen is crawling with bars everywhere and if you are looking for a good time this is the place to be. A trip to Frankfurt is not complete without a visit to this interesting area.  On his day we wanted a kind of quiet day and we went for brunch at Sachsenhausen. That was until there was a live band and in true German spirit beer was flowing and we partied like there was no tomorrow!. The next day i left for the airport with the worst hangover in history and my friend had to go to work. We both looked and felt horrible but it was totally worth it!.






Frankfurt was so much fun and seeing my sweet friend Vanessa again was the best thing ever!. I am already looking forward to my next trip to Germany and maybe we will even go to Berlin or Munich.  Thank you for reading this post, i hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas on what to do while in Frankfurt.



Yogie On The Move.

9 thoughts on “A week in Frankfurt, Germany.

  1. Wow… you did a lot and visited quite a number of places. I love the energy. Always exciting going through your travel tales. All the places look amazing…but the cloudy skies 🙂 Germans are quite heavy beer drinkers, you can never keep up with there pace.

    I have never been to Frankfurt but this already gives me an idea if ever I find myself there.

    Soursop is one of my fav juices I discovered in Sri Lanka. Plus it is so nutritious.

    Great post. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh hey Laura 😄, am already
      looking forward to my next visit to Germany!. I had such a wonderful time there and i hope to visit Berlin and Munich too. Am sure you will love it when you visit

      I want more Soursop! It was so delicious!!😍. Thanks Laura 😍


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