2018 Ready ish :)

Happy new year guys ,i hope your 2018 is going well and that you are putting into effect your new year resolutions. As for me its official that all of this month i have  been suffering from “New year funk” and its safe to say some part of me is still waiting to usher in 2018.From wanting to eat healthier meals  to finally starting that intense journey to the promised land of Abs,dedicating more time to my yoga practice, getting better with my camera and to finally acquiring editing  skills,lets just say i ;have been slumping abit. So with a few days left of this month i am well and ready to move into the new year and February basically.
 On a more positive note , in terms of  travel we ushered in the year  in Riga the latvian way drinking some Balsam and watching fireworks by River Daugava with thousands of Latvians. The next day we took the bus to Tallin,Estonia and stayed there for two days before taking the ferry to Helsinki, finland and flying back to Oslo.I will be doing a post soon detailing our trip to the Baltics, what we did, things to do and a guide to exploring the cities we went to. This was a very good start of 2018 and we are already looking forward to the rest of the year and cannot wait to share with you many more adventures.
Our goal this year is to see us travel to more European countries, South East Asia and finally explore more of our own home countries ;Kenya and Norway. This year will also feature much more of my travel partner and better half on the blog and he will be doing a Q&A introducing himself .
I am also hoping to do some upgrades on the blog which i  am quite excited about. For a while now i have been wanting to develop some decent  editing skills and i finally downloaded  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC. Lightroom is one of the easiest photo editor that allows you to edit your pictures and customise your own presets and after a few days of using it i absolutely love it!. I am still a long way from being perfect but i am feeling very positive about this.
This weekend we have been visiting Trondheim which is my favorite norwegian city and is found in the middle of Norway. It has been a chill lovely weekend and we spent most of it catching up with some of our friends  we had not seen in a while. Trondheim is as beautiful in the winter as it is; in summer and i can not help but feel sad to be leaving again today. In this post am sharing some of my favorite pictures from the weekend and i hope you like them. In other exciting news tomorrow we are headed to Barcelona!!. I am super stoked  about this trip and can hardly keep calm!!. We bought return  tickets last year for only 60 USD!.I will do another post later on how to find cheap tickets in Europe, let me know if that is something you guys would be intrested in. Any recommendations of things to do in Barcelona are welcome and would love to hear what you guys think we should do.
Thank you for reading this post and would  really love to hear your thoughts ;).

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