Art Exhibition, Kongsvinger.

“What is the purpose of being human and alive without doing new things? – John Sulston


I am a huge believer in trying new things and therefore am always looking for new creative things to challenge myself with. As i grow older i have realized that i am no longer scared of failure and am willing to take more risks as i now see it as an opportunity to learn new things. Its totally okay if i don`t get it right the first time, really it is. You know why? Because i challenged myself, i will try  it again and am still growing one day at at a time.

I have always been interested in learning how to paint  but shied away from even attempting. However this year i promised myself that among other things i would learn how to  paint and on Monday i did my first painting.  I love flowers and valentines being around the corner it just felt right that my first painting should be a vase of colorful flowers. Did i enjoy doing it? So much that yesterday i did another painting of a flower with a ladybird. Are they perfect? . Are you kidding me!perfect is overrated!!, i love them and am so happy i finally got into it and can`t wait to attend classes.



Today i went to an art exhibition in Kongsvinger by Elena Abessinova who is an incredibly gifted artist whose work  is painstakingly detailed. She is originally from Kiev, Ukraine but now resides in Kongsvinger and has participated in various international Art projects and fairs. I enjoyed the exhibition so much and its a pleasure to be able to share this images. For all the live videos from the exhibition check out my instagram stories (@yogieonthemove).













Cheers XX,



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