Cape Town :A Story about color, parties & train rides.

BOKAAP. Bokaap is found at the bottom of signal hill. Bokaap is a colorful multicultural area popularly known for its colorful houses and cobbled streets. Bokaap was formerly a township known as the malay quarter and is a historical centre of  the Cape malay culture. We went to bokaap and  walked around  marveling at the … More Cape Town :A Story about color, parties & train rides.

Amazing Africa.

Hey Everyone!!. Happy new month :). Its about that time again where we pack our bags and set out to explore and make new memories. A one way plane ticket, one Visa, one layover,  7 countries and one massive backpack!!. So where do you think we are headed to this time? Mmmh? Well the right … More Amazing Africa.


sThe last 10 days have been very interesting for me as i finally did an Instagram yoga challenge :). Yoga Online challenges are like a real thing nowadays and Instagram seems to be the biggest platform for them. The yoga Instagram community is quite large and is made up of the most wonderful people ever … More #LoveBugYogis.

2017 , i got this.

Happy new year Fam!!!. I hope the holidays treated you well and i hope its not too late to wish you happy new year!. I Spent the entire holiday season upcountry in the village. Is it just me or does life in the village always seem so slow? ha ha! Everything is so quiet and … More 2017 , i got this.