Cape Town :A Story about color, parties & train rides.

BOKAAP. Bokaap is found at the bottom of signal hill. Bokaap is a colorful multicultural area popularly known for its colorful houses and cobbled streets. Bokaap was formerly a township known as the malay quarter and is a historical centre of  the Cape malay culture. We went to bokaap and  walked around  marveling at the beautiful houses and took a couple of pictures albeit the … Continue reading Cape Town :A Story about color, parties & train rides.

Cape Town : Picnics & Concerts.

Cape Town is home to “the most beautiful Garden in Africa” , the Kristenbosch Botanical Gardens which is also a  world heritage site. The gardens are set on the foot of the Table mountain to the east and are a major tourist attraction. The gardens are also famous for holding amazing summer concerts fondly referred to as one of the best ways to spend a … Continue reading Cape Town : Picnics & Concerts.