Being a Dirty Hippy.

For most people they want to travel the world but will only do so if it involves massive luxury.They dream of that first class lounge at the airport that looks classy as fuck, oh how good the Instagram pictures would look. That first class seat on the plane and all the niceties that it comes with,staying at the JW Marriott, Grand Wyatt, Radison blu, four seasons by Sheraton.

Go on a shopping spree and get that Louis Vuitton bag, Grab some Giuseppe Zanotti shoes along the way, that cute Gucci purse,not forgetting some Coco Chanel handbag e.t.c.

After an afternoon of heavy shopping have Lunch in famous restaurants and meet incredibly like minded hot people at the bathroom. Take millions of selfies to upload and schedule a night out at a famous club and down a couple of champagne bottles, and let the world know of your expensive taste.

Next day wake up feeling fresh and have brunch before flying back home. This is the sad state of affairs when it comes to what people want when they claim that they want to travel. Maybe because standards like this have been set by some people, I will not get so much into that right now.

Don`t get me wrong, I would be very happy if I had all that money, and no I am not being self-righteous or a hypocrite.No, i also don`t want to travel under extremely shitty conditions. I am just a girl who wants to see the whole world and I feel to do that i don`t really need so much, its a tad bit unnecessary in my opinion and it just feels superficial.

I just got back from backpacking India and here is my manual on how to be a Dirty Hippy LOL. First things first, No I did not fly first class!!LOL, the fuck do you think I am? Economy seats will do just fine.Oh and use sky scanner to score cheap tickets available,Wednesdays are also really good days to fly BTW.





As for accommodation, nope no fancy pansy hotel he he, but did I die? Lol on the contrary there is a lots of really nice affordable places you could stay at out there if you know where to look. Sometimes you will find family owned geusthouse that will remind you of home. Sometimes you will stay in hostels and there you will meet fellow travelers from all over the world that will make the Dorm room feel like the United nations Lol.



Nights will be spent in the common room sharing experiences & dream travel destinations, new friendships formed,relationships will be forged here, phone numbers exchanged, new travel buddies for the next destination will be met here e.t.c. Then in the morning you will have to wake up early pack all your stuff again in your backpack and check out early before you are fined and say Goodbye. I feel that I can now literally just pack everything I need for a month under 5 mins LOL .


Most of the times I barely had any clean clothing, being a dirty hippy is hard.Laundry Services on the road might be hard to come by or sometimes you will lose that fave white shirt that you had laundered, I am still mourning my shirt LOL. Sometimes you have to clean your underwear in a sink because you have no choice, sometimes your body will refuse to cooperate and you will get insanely sick and you cant do shit about it.

Sometimes you will hate everything on the menu and wish for just a little piece of heaven which is what you are used to back home. Some days you will take night buses and get woken up at 3 am to switch into another bus and have no clue why the fuck that shit is happening, some days you will need a little piece of well deserved silence but it will not be there. This is the tough reality of travelling.


But some days you will meet random people when you least expect and have a genuinely good time. You might meet that 33 year old guy from Slovakia who will tell you how he just did his first yoga class and was a little bit worried he would Fart in class, you will laugh and remember that you have been there, sometimes you will meet a British guy who grew up near where the Beatles lived and he will teach you how to Dance after a meditation class.


Sometimes a night out will mean going to a cafe and having a jam session involving lots of instruments and it will be okay that you cannot play any. Sometimes you will meet a Saddhu Baba who will give you a joint to smoke and proceed to tell you that it will help you in your self discovery.

Saddhu Baba


Some days you will meet people who have been on the road for almost an year and they will have so much to share. Some days you will meet people who are just like you and will invite you to stay with them when you travel to their country. Some days it will be just observing the way other people live and loving it and most importantly falling in love with what you have back home all over again.img_2717


Travelling is about not letting life just pass you by, refusing to conform to society’s expectation and doing you. Travelling humbles you as you meet so many people, see so much and realize what a small part you play in the world and you best make it count by leaving your mark. Its a big world out there and we have very little time.

Beautiful Sights.


I gained an experience that am never going to forget, memories that I will treasure forever and when am old my grand kids are going to hear about how granny was a dirty hippy.’I definitely wanna do it again and best believe I will but until then am going to keep doing more and more posts that I have been saving up.

Let me know your thoughts on `Being a dirty Hippy`  😉




11 thoughts on “Being a Dirty Hippy.

  1. First of all, welcome back. I hadn’t been on your blog for a while and I just caught up on everything since October, wow, what an adventure. I so want to join your wanderlust bandwagon. count me in next time. Am also glad to hear that in spite of your body pushing you to the wall, you didn’t quit. I want to be a dirty hippy too.

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