Hey Everyone,

My name is Ann Wanjiku but my friends call me Shishi and well to my family i am Shiko.

I am a 20 something year old trying to find my place in this big big awesome world :). I am a passionate yogi, an enthusiastic yoga instructor, a massive booklover, lover of adventures, lowkey dancer..,music is everything, obsessed with natural hair, girl next door..etc. Basically am trying to say am Laid back, a little weird and  really just awesome 😀

Yogie on the Move is an account of  my passions combined. Yoga. Travel. Books. Since i started the blog i have spent three months backpacking across India, I got my YTT and i finally did a post on my Yoga journey !.

I hope to visit atleast 30 countries before am 30!!which i believe is achievable and i just might double it. All my adventures i am lucky to experience them with my better half <3.

NEXT- I am soon doing a long overdue trip across several African countries Next. #AmazingAfrica . I hope you will join me in this adventure as we explore Africa together.

Feel free to Comment, Follow,Like..etc.